Sunday, June 10, 2007

Maritime Memories

Nova Scotia June 2007
Here are some pictures of our trip. We traveled from NOva Scotia to PEI. It's called the peaceful island and it is indeed.
New Brunswick June 07
These pictures were taken at Hopewell Rock in New Brunswick in the Bay of Fundy. This is a very unique place as when the tides come in there is a 50 foot difference between low tide and high tide. So at the low tide you will see upswalking on the ocean floor between these very unique ricks that have been worn away over the centuries by the tides. Then it is followed by a picture of the high tide in the same place and people are kayaking during high tide. It is a beautiful area.


The RC Miller Clan said...

No fair! I am one of the biggest Anne of Green Gables fans of all time! I will dream of going there someday. You are very lucky!

J B & N Rawlins said...

WOW...Was that Anne herself??? haha you are soo cute ma! You look really good in those pics! Those rocks are so imcredable! I would LOVE to go there, it look soooo beautiful! perfect time of year to go it looked like!

The RC Miller Clan said...

Oh, and tell steve I really liked his do in that pic! He kind of reminds me of Grandad! lol