Tuesday, July 10, 2007

View from our deck

Here is the view from our deck . You can see the little town of Cochrane
in the distance. It's a little hazy today, so you can't see the
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Myrtle Beach

Caty =-Lynne was so excited to get a pedi and mani with the big girls!!
We also spent one afternoon Mini-golfing. Very hot as you can see by Caty-Lynne's face.
Even Natalie gave it a try.!!
Brayden's favorite hat!!
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Grandkids at Myrtle Beach

Here are some cute pics of some of the grandkids at the beach
Bri , Drew, and Brayden
Then Lizzy and Natalie. I'm trying to publish pictures that have not been viewed yet
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Moving to San Antonio

I'm so late blogging about my trip to San Antonio. I got there a couple of days after Dan and Robyn had moved in and we had lots of fun getting settled and playing with MeMe (new nick-name) -
She loves this new little bouncer.
She is adorable and sweet, and the happiest baby.
Sorry this one is so blurry.
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Flowers in my garden

I love this time of year and I love working in the garden. Here are some of the flowers this year. Enjoy!!

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Maritime Memories

Nova Scotia June 2007
Here are some pictures of our trip. We traveled from NOva Scotia to PEI. It's called the peaceful island and it is indeed.
New Brunswick June 07
These pictures were taken at Hopewell Rock in New Brunswick in the Bay of Fundy. This is a very unique place as when the tides come in there is a 50 foot difference between low tide and high tide. So at the low tide you will see upswalking on the ocean floor between these very unique ricks that have been worn away over the centuries by the tides. Then it is followed by a picture of the high tide in the same place and people are kayaking during high tide. It is a beautiful area.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Fishing for Lobster

This is the land of the lobster. They fish for them with these lobster traps. The fisherman make 6 figure incomes fishing for lobster for 6 weeks out of the year...

We are going to a lobster feast tomorrow night. Looking forward to our first taste of fresh Lobster from NS. We've been eating seafood everyday since we've been here. Delicious shrimp, mussels, haddock, and especially scallops!! Yum!!
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Beautiful Maritimes - Peggy's cove

Only 40 people live in this community and they are all involved in the fishing industry. Live moves a lot slower here and it is a beautiful place to visit.

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more pictures from Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

The entire shoreline is solid granite. Very beautiful.

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Monday, May 28, 2007

more sailing pics

Here are a few pictures of some of the wildlife we saw out on the Gulf Islands. Seals were everywhere, and we saw bald eagles almost every day as well.

This is a picture of our boat, the Jelena.
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Sunday, May 27, 2007

More Sailing Pictures

Here is Steve at the helm, his favorite place to be. We each got a day when we were the skipper and then a day to natigate, cook, and be the engineer.
The gulf islands are so beautiful, this photo doesn't come close to reality. But we loved the solitude of the area.
Here we are on the dock checking out the other vessels that were docked there. We stopped at a different marina every night.
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We just returned from a week of sailing. We took a sailing course and had an instructor on board for the entire week and learned the exciting sport of sailing. Steve and I and Jeni and Brian came with us and we had a wonderful time. The weather was great, and we learned so much in just 5 days!!

Here is a picture of all of us on the last day. The wind was high and we had the boat leaning over - Wow it was a great time.

We learned how to handle the sail boat, navigate using the ocean charts, saw the most beautiful scenery on earth, and enjoyed being together.
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