Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hawaii I am here

Here is Melia and Me, isn't she cute!!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Forgotten title

I forgot to title the last entry. I wanted to name it "These are a few of my favorite things".
The first pic is of all of my grandchildren, except for Melia who was born the day the pic was taken. And the picture of Robyn was taken on the day Melia was suppposed to be born. She obviously had other ideas!! and the last one is my Sweetheart!! This was a self portrait we took a couple of weeks ago when we went to Banff on another occasion.

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More pictures from last week

I am not a very good photographer, cause I hardly got any pics of Lizzy the whole week. Here is a cute one though. She is a doll. She doesn't talk much yet, but definetly lets her opinion be known!!

Bri loved the snow most of all!! He didn't mind getting cold and loved to toboggan, make snow balls and throw them at his sister!!
Here are some of the girls getting ready to jump in the Hot Springs in Banff. Everyone loved it, and the snow was beautiful coming down while we swam. Newby, we missed you and wished you had come too.!! Posted by Picasa

science center

Here are more pictures from the science center. Wow, Caty-Lynne and Bri are sure strong!!
Bri you look so little in this picture. Did you shrink? Caty-Lynne and Bri want to be astronauts when they grow up!!

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I am so blessed!!!

Taylor and Natalie! It looks like Taylor is stretching to be as tall as Natalie. Now I have another grand-daughter in Hawaii - Melia Renee- who I get to visit this week. so I'll post pictures of her next week Here is Natalie!! She left yesterday to go home with her mom, but I get to babysit her in two weeks when Brian and Jeni go to Boston.
Here is my darling Caty-lynne. She is a bundle of sweet personality and I love being with her. Smart as can be (and very opinionated ) but it was so much fun to have her here for a week
We took Bri and Caty-Lynne to the Science center one day and they had a great time. Here they had built a big fort out of foam blocks. Afterward they had even more fun knocking it down! Bri is in kindergarten and is becoming a good little reader. He's also growing up to be such a nice young man, very polite and absolutely loves his baby sister Lizzy and his cousins . He was always hugging Drew and Brayden and loved making Natalie smile.
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