Monday, April 07, 2008

Melia's first trip to disneyland!

That ride was fun!! Let's do it again! Nash was right behind me and he loved it too!

Yummy honey! can I have a lick?
Nana was with us too, and here is a picture to prove it!!
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Disneyland!! Melia's and Nash's birthday

Main Street! Disneyland here we come!!

Melia's favorite - a ride on Daddy's shoulders!:)

Here we are on the Winney the Pooh ride. OOh it's dark and scary!!
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San Diego Continued

Here is Robyn finishing the race. She looks better than she was feeling, as dehydration had set in:(

Then her and Dan were waiting to greet us after crossing the finish line!! We were so proud of them!!
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San Diego Half Iron Man

This is Dan coming in to the transition area just finishing the bike - note the shoes are off ready to jump off the bike.
And here he is just beginning the run. Nice tan lines Dan!!
The first picture is Robyn coming into transition after the bike race, and then leaving on her run.
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