Thursday, November 02, 2006

some random pictures

Here is a picture of Dad and the "outfit" that he got when he was in Saudi Arabia. I know what he can be next Halloween. Osama bin Steve.!!

Then the next picture is one of my favorites of Caty-Lynne and Drew watching TV. Caty-Lynne loved holding his hand this past summer when they were in Calgary visiting.

Then this picture is Juliette's balcony, in Florence Italy. We had a wonderful time in Italy and I will try to publish more pictures from our journey.

This is taken in beautiful Venice. We rode in a gondola and it was an amazing experience. I didn't realize that Venice was an island. I don't what I was thinking, but we had to take a boat to Venice. I fell in love with all of Italy, but Venice was a place that I had always wanted to visit.

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Ramblin Round the World said...

Very sharp ensemble, Dad!! Too bad we never made it to Venice. Oh Dan did but only to pick up his wallet that was left on the train!! Great to see pics of Italy!