Monday, May 22, 2006

Play Time

Bri and Caty-Lynne just wanted to have picture after picture taken on them!
We have had alot of fun here for the last few days. BUT suprisinglyI havn't gotten sick. Lizzy has an ear infection and Jeni has something too. But We have been going to parks to feed the ducks and the geese all come and hog the bread, swimming pool, mall play place, and too much fort building! Brian and Robin get back tomorrow and I leave on Wednesday. They are going to be so busy with packing - I am glad I can be here to help!
I wish I was home today but only because DAD gets the day off and I could do some gardening. Well I just hope the weather stays nice for me!

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The Haslam Clan said...

I think the weather is supposed to be nice all week, it might be a little drainy around the weekend but you won't be here anyway so...
Looks like you've been having fun there, they have a fun Nana to take care of them and they're lucky! my boys miss you though so hurry home!